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To launch any of these free calculators, simply click on any of the subject tabs (Black boxes) above. Each tab has one or more calculators associated with it. As an example, Pricing has two calculators on Margins.

To see five calculators, click on the "List All" tab.

These free calculators allow you to sample the different calculators we have available. Once you sign up to one of our packages, additional features become available that aren’t displayed on these sample calculators. The additional features are:

  • Retail Glossary of some 400+ retail terms.
  • "My Favourites" Tab. Because there are so many calculators, there are too many to use on a frequent basis. You are most likely to use just a few Calculators all the time, you can save these to "My Favourites" to make navigation faster and easier.
  • "Saved Calculators" Tab. This allows you to save a calculation and return to it at a later date to compare with the current situation. An extremely useful tool for comparing performance over time.
  • Icons for "notepad", "print" and a pop up "calculator", are also available to make using the site even easier.

All of these features are available regardless of the paid package you decide to select. Remember, there are no joining fees, no contracts and other than the first month, there is no minimum term. To learn more go to our Calculator List, or go to our Pricing Plan and buy now.

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Once you have joined Zumo Calculators, you can save as many calculations as you wish. Compare and contrast business performance. Determine ways to improve performance.



With over 80 calculations, there will inevitability be a few you use all the time. To access you favourite calculations, simply click the button below.


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Select the combination of calculators and the price best suited to your needs. Select from Basic, Executive or Retail Professional packages. No minimum term either!


Free White Papers

Download a free whitepaper! "Calculating Margins", explains margins and how to improve them. "Calculating NPV" explains and demystifies Net Present Value.