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Common issues

Calculation does not appear correct.

Go into one of the input cells and re-enter the number. This should re-set the system and give you the correct calculation.

How do I update my details?

Click on "Account Details" (top right of your screen - words are in white type).

I forgot my password.

Click on Log In. Click on "Forgot Password" and the follow the process.

I want to change my password.

Click on Account Details. Highlighted in blue type is the change password link.

I want to change credit cards on which my subscription is charged.

Go to Account Details. Click on update payment options and change your credit card details.

I want to cancel my subscription.

Click on Account Details. Click on cancel my subscription. You will receive an e-mail detailing your cancellation.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

Think of it like a gym membership. Your subscription will not be renewed, but you will have until the end of the month that your subscription is currently in, to keep using the site. There are no refunds for periods of time that you do not use the site. Just like a gym membership!

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Contact Details

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Zumo Retail Ltd

60 Paparoa Street, Papanui
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