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Retail Managers, Store Managers, Business Owners, Category Managers and Store Directors all need to know and fully understand retail math. Sure, you might know a few calculations, but do you know all you should? By having a deeper understanding of your margins, discounts, mark downs, GMROII, GMROF, GMROL and new projects IRR's and NPV's you will be able to make better, smarter, more informed decisions. You'll be better at your job, you will make better decisions and you will have more confidence you are doing the right things for the business. Sometimes even the simple things like margins can be confusing.

For example; margin can variously be mark up, dollar margin or gross profit. Some businesses use Weighted Gross Margin (or Gross Profit) to take account of the impact of promotions. Others know they are going to have to mark products down and use Initial Mark Up.

On you'll find all the different margins fully explained individually and grouped so you can see the differences. Because this site has been designed by retailers, for retailers every explanation is designed specifically for time poor retailers. With over 80 calculators dedicated to improving retail businesses, you'll find ratio's and calculators to help you make more informed business decisions. And fast.

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