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With Zumo Calculators you can discover exacting answers to the most common questions in retail. All of our calculators are designed to be simple, quick, informative and easy to use. You’ll be confident that you have the right answer and you can even retain a record of each calculation to compare against. To make sure you are confident in using the calculators, each and every calculator has an explanation and a helpful hint. Sometimes even the most experienced retailer will find retail terminology ambiguous and potentially confusing. Our Retail Glossary improves the clarity of these terms and reduces ambiguity with more than 400 of the most common retail terms and abbreviations.

An example of the confusion that can arise with even the common investment calculations, consider Net Present Value (NPV). Net Present Value is relatively difficult to calculate. Not anymore. With just a few inputs using our Net Present Value calculator you’ll be able to rapidly form a view about your next investment. Of course, you should seek the advice of your accountant or your trusted financial professional, but you by using the NPV calculator you’ll understand what the number is and what it is telling you. Your discussion any potential investment will be more informed and intelligent. For more on Net Present Value, read our White Page – Net Present Value – a retailers perspective. It’s free!

All of our calculators have been tailored specifically for retailers. They provide you with answers to some of the most common and yet challenging decisions retailers have to make on an almost daily basis. Some examples of our calculators which we have created especially for retailers, are our two deal calculators which will help you determine whether a deal is worth accepting or not. One of the deal calculators is so simple you just need two inputs. Another unique calculator, the new product selector will guide you to a decision about whether including a new product in your range is worthwhile or not. Yet another calculator lets you assess the success of a product on promotion while another lets you compare supplier/vendor trading terms. Common problems, which are hard to determine answers to are suddenly resolved. Sure, some of the calculations on this site you might find elsewhere, but you won't find them explained in a manner that makes it easy for you to understand. Zumo Calculators offers unparalleled insight and knowledge for retailers of all levels. You can use the site with confidence knowing that they have been created by retailers, for retailers. The calculators are so good, that we use them every day ourselves! To get a taste of what we offer, simply sign up for a month, or maybe you’d like to try some calculators for free. Other than the first month, there is no minimum time period, no contract and no joining fees. Low risk, for potentially huge returns. Experience the benefits of using Zumo Calculators. See our Pricing Plan for more details.

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