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Customer Charter


Our customer charter sits at the centre of our commitment to awesome service. We believe our passion for delivering first-rate customer service and our promise to live up to this charter, will bring a positive experience to you - each time, every time you use our site.

You can think of our customer charter as a set of standards that sum up what you can expect from us.

We're here to help and are committed to improving our approach in delivering:

Quality in all we do

A meaningful response

A positive voice


At Zumo Retail Calculators, we strive to lead the market with world class retail tools. We’re a boutique business, with a small, friendly team and we will do our utmost to respond to your issue as fast as we possibly can. This will typically be within 24 hours, often much faster, and on some occasions, a bit slower. But we’ll do our very best to prompt. Because of the global nature of our business, we’ll use e-mail as our primary form of contact. If you provide us with a phone number, we might just call.


Environment and Sustainability

On the green horizon, we see sustainability as an opportunity for innovation and to be a leader in progressive business practices. We are committed to continually promoting sustainability. We work to ensure the principles of sustainability are part of our business planning and practice. We're convinced this effort leads to smarter decisions and contributes to our success.

Zumo Retail is proud to be taking real action in reducing our environmental impact. We're committed to operating in a sustainable way, while still delivering on our promise of fabulous internet based retail tools while providing awesome customer service.

Since our inception, we have had a good hard look at ourselves. We’ve decided that being green isn’t just talk. It must be action. We’ve acted. Our vision is to have a negative carbon footprint. It’s a tough vision to implement.

In our business, the web based activities tend to be reasonably carbon neutral, but our consulting work it is somewhat different. Much of our work requires face to face contact and as a result we have to travel. We did an evaluation and we were not pleased to discover that we have a disturbingly large carbon footprint. Rather than just accept that a large carbon footprint is the nature of our business, we have done something about it.

Back in September 2007, the Directors of the business decided to invest their own money in forestry. We planted 6.2 hectares of Douglas Fir trees, which are very efficient sequesters of carbon. Next year, the Directors plan to plant another 12 hectares. We are delighted to report that we believe that since 2009 we have been carbon negative. In effect we are taking more carbon out of the atmosphere than we are putting in.

It’s a long term commitment for all of us. Here are our top 10 tips for going green in the office.

  1. Turn all computer equipment, machinery or other mechanical appliance off when not in use. Did you know that leaving non-essential equipment on overnight waste enough energy to run a small car for 160 kilometres?
  2. Print or photocopy on both sides of paper.
  3. Switch off any unnecessary lighting during the day, especially near windows or in corridors that don’t require bright lighting.
  4. Position desks and workstations to make best use of natural light.
  5. Ask the last person to leave the office to ensure that they turn everything off including printers, fans, computers and lights. A tip here is to have a checklist pinned to the wall near the alarm panel or exit.
  6. Use reusable crockery and glasses as opposed to plastic cups and disposable plates/ cutlery.

    Maintain heating/cooling equipment. In summer air conditioning expenses go up when vents are blocked or are dirty. In winter, make sure heating (radiators) are able to heat the room and not just the back of a chair or desk.

  7. Purchase only acid free recycled paper for everyday photo copies.
  8. Using energy star light bulbs as much as possible. LED bulbs do not contain mercury.
  9. Make it a habit to recycle everything your company collects. Just about any kind of paper you encounter can be recycles, so can you old cell phone, pager or PDA. It is easier to achieve recycling by having special recycle bins in high traffic areas with easy access.

Password Policy


Here are a few hints and suggestions about your password. Having a strong password is like locking your car. You wouldn't leave your car unlocked, so it also makes sense to choose a secure password; one which is easily remembered, but very difficult for others to guess.

Zumo Retail Calculator passwords should follow a password policy with some basic rules to help ensure account safety and security.

Password Policy requirements

The following apply when changing a Zumo Retail Calculator password:

  1. Should be at least 9 characters in length
  2. Should contain a mix of upper and lowercase characters
  3. Should contain at least one digit (e.g. 0-9)
  4. Cannot be based on your username
  5. Cannot contain spaces or tabs.

Helpful tips for strong passwords

Our web designers helped us with some ideas about making your password as strong and secure as it can be. Here’s what they suggest.

  1. Choose an easy-to-remember password - this reduces the chances of having to write it down for someone to discover
  2. Use a combination of letters or words rather than just one word
  3. Avoid the obvious - don't use the name of your son name or your pet's name
  4. Use a pass-phrase – take the first letter from a sentence of words as a basis for the password; e.g. "I am a very attractive person with light olive skin" could become "Iaavapwlos"
  5. Add or substitute special characters and numbers into the password; e.g. the letter "s" could become "$" and the letter "o" could become zero "0" so "" becomes "Iaavapwl0$" and becomes a much more secure password.

Privacy Policy


This is our Privacy Policy, a document which outlines our guarantee on your use of our products.

Zumo Retail Calculators is owned by Zumo Retail Ltd.

  1. We use and may disclose your personal information in order to:
    1. Provide services to you;
    2. Research, develop, administer, protect and improve our services;
    3. Check your credit worthiness with a Credit Reporting Agency; and
    4. Comply with a legislative instrument such as a request for information by a regulatory body or a Court Order.
  2. Excluding the requirements in Clause 1, we will not disclose any information you give to us to any other entity without your express permission.
  3. Customers may request access to personal information collected by Zumo Retail Ltd in relation to themselves and the use of their account. We work to ensure these details are always correct and up-to-date and will amend any inaccuracies or make changes to details upon request.
  4. By law, we must retain some customer information for a minimum of five years. However, we do not retain clients' personal information longer than is necessary for the purposes of compliance with the law and routine administration.
  5. If Zumo Retail Ltd is ever sold to another organisation, the new owners will also be required to comply with this privacy policy.
  6. We keep customer information on controlled facilities, secure against unauthorised access. Proof of identity is always required before information gets released to any person, including the customer.
  7. We typically do not communicate directly with customers, if we do it will typically be by e-mail. In exceptional circumstances, urgent notifications may also be sent out by e-mail.
  8. We are constantly improving and enhancing our services and may update this privacy policy from time to time. Any changes to the policy will be advised to customers in our regular newsletter and by updating this page on the website.
  9. If you have any queries or comments concerning our privacy policy, please contact us.

Returns and Cancellations Policy

The following Returns & Cancellations Policy does not affect your statutory rights. For more information on your statutory rights, contact your local Legal Advisor.

Trial policy

When you first sign up for access to the Services you may be entitled to evaluate the Services under the defined trial usage conditions, with no obligation to continue to use the Services. If You choose to continue using the Services thereafter, You will be billed from the day You first added Your billing details into the Services. If You choose not to continue using the Services, You will have your details deleted from our bill payment system.

Subscriptions Cancellation

Zumo Retail Calculators will not provide any refund for any remaining prepaid period for a prepaid Fees or Subscriptions paid by You.

Subscriptions not renewed or paid within the required timeframes will be suspended.

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