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April 30th 2012 - Wages - Sales $ per employee

Wages - Sales $ per employee is a valuable measure to assess how many Sales $ each dollar a business pays in wages generates. It is a calculator worth saving in "favourites" and montioring week on week or month on month.

March 22nd 2012 - Wages - Gross Pay

A fast and easy way for staff/managers/owners to determine pay rates including or excluding overtime.

Feb 15th 2012 - Space - Occupancy Cost

New space calculator launched. A fast and simple way to measure the cost per square metre/foot of rented space is now available on the site.

Jan. 30th 2012 - New Promotions Calculator

The new Promotions Analysis Calculator has just been added to the site.  Members can now assess their promotions with just a few inputs. The Calculator allows calculation of the real cost of the promotion by including Supplier/Vendor rebates as well as any direct costs incurred by the Retailer in setting the promotion up and taking it down.

Jan. 20th 2012 - Skinned Site development complete

The development on the first skinned calculator's site was today completed.  The client is in the process of developing a launch strategy within their business to leverage the additional benefits the site brings their members.

Jan. 12th 2012 - Two new Trading Terms Calculators developed

Not one but two calculators for assessing trading terms between supplier/vendors and retailers have been developed and are now live on the site.  The development of these calculators provides retailers with the ability to dissect trading terms and more fully understand the offer. The two calculators are Trading Terms - Supplier and Trading Terms - Comparison.  The Trading Terms - Supplier allows comparison of trading terms from different suppliers from the same category. It includes GP$ from store level to provide an integrated analysis. Trading Terms - Compared allows comparison between this year’s Trading Terms and last years and highlights the changes. It too includes the retail margin to provide an integrated result.

Dec. 8th 2011 - First Skinned site development commences

The first skinned calculator's website was agreed today with a significant Australian Pharmacy chain. The site will be developed over the next six weeks, which is longer than normal development time due to the Christmas and New Year break enjoyed in this part of the world.

Nov. 25th 2011 - Skinned sites facility made available

Recognising that chains, groups and franchises would like the calculators they need and use available on their own sites, Zumo Retail today announced that skinned bespoke sites are available. Groups of stores offered a range of benefits. For more details contact: info@zumoretail.com

Nov. 15th 2011 - Print direct from zumocalculators.com

The addition of a print icon enables printing of the calculators direct from the screen. We have endeavoured to reduce the amount of colour you use to greyscale to save your ink and the environment.

Oct. 21st 2011 - IRR Financial Calculators released

Released today was our new Internal Rate of Return calculator. It is one of those calculations retailers see from accountants when they are talking about investing and are never quite sure what that means. It is all explained in simple, plain English with this tool. It is easy to use and provides illuminating results.

Sep. 6th 2011 - Retail Glossary update

The Retail Glossary gets updated with 70 additional terms. These terms are less commonly used but still deemed worthy of including in the glossary.  Now more complete than ever, this is reference guide that is easy to use with over 400 of the most common retail terms.

Aug. 12th 2011 - Note pad icon

Being able to take notes as you calculate and compare information has been made easier again with an on-line notepad. The notepad is an icon on the site and enables you to take notes as you flick between calculators.

Jul. 1st 2011 - Deals - Rough Guide release

The latest calculator released requires just two inputs to determine whether a deal is worth doing or not. The result isn't a number, but a traffic light system - red means don't do the deal, orange suggests only a maybe, green recommends that the deal is good to go. Fast, easy and simple to use, it provides a basic guide to deals.

Jun. 10th 2011 - Basic Calculator pop-up

In danger of outsmarting ourselves, the calculator we didn't have on the site was a basic calculator! We recognise that a calculator isn't always to hand and that you often find yourself calculating data to put into the site. Now there is a pop-up icon on the site to make this function something you can do on the screen. It remains in place as you flick between calculators, it is useful and simple.

May 24th 2011 - New - Business Valuation Calculators

Four new Business Valuation Calculators have been released. Why four? Different industries have different ways of valuing a business. More service orientated businesses have a different method of valuation compared to owner/operated retail businesses and compared to corporate businesses.  Each calculator allows you to determine how you to improve the business value.

Apr. 19th 2011 - Retail Glossary Added

A 350 term Retail Glossary was added to the zumocalculators.com site today.  This comprehensive list of retail specific terms means much less confusion for retailers and their staff.  The glossary deliberately avoids any detailed financial terms as most of these are not relevant for day to day retail operations.  The site has terms specific to retail, but it should be noted that most industries have their own, sometimes confusing, terms and phrases which are not necessarily part of the glossary.

Mar. 14th 2011 - zumocalculators.com goes live!

After five years of development, work, testing and research the zumocalcalculators.com site is launched. The soft launch amongst existing consultancy clients and their feedback enabled enhancements and changes to be made to the site.

Feb. 2006 - In the beginning…

The predecessor to Zumo Retail Ltd is incorporated on this day. From humble beginnings, the business focused exclusively on consultancy services. Much of the collateral and information contained on the web sites today had its beginnings with this business. Consultancy services still form an integral part of the greater business we conduct and continues' to provide inspiration for new calculators, tools and documents.

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