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Sample our calculators for free! In this package the five calculators you get to sample are:
- Wages % of sales
- Maintained $ margin (from front page)
- Margins – Mark Up
- Sales per Square ft/metre
- Business Valuation – Basic Excess Earning Method

These calculators are an introduction to what the site offers. We hope you enjoy using these calculators.
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Our Basic package offers you 33 calculators covering People (Wages) x 9 calculators, Product (Stock) x 6 calculators and Price (Margins) x 15 calculators. A great package which features the most frequently used calculations in Retail.
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Our most successful package. The Executive offering builds on the Basic package, by including Promotions x 5 calculators, Place (Space) x 8 calculators, Purchasing (Buying) x 5 calculators and GMROLL and Terms x 9 Calculators. In total, 54 calculators are yours.
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Retail ProfessionalPackage

The ultimate package offers the Executive Package with the addition of another 26 Calculators! The new calculators are primarily Financial Calculators, giving you access to our full suite of calculators. You will also get access all new calculators as they are launched.
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Once you have joined Zumo Calculators, you can save as many calculations as you wish. Compare and contrast business performance. Determine ways to improve performance.



With over 80 calculations, there will inevitability be a few you use all the time. To access you favourite calculations, simply click the button below.


Pricing Plan

Select the combination of calculators and the price best suited to your needs. Select from Basic, Executive or Retail Professional packages. No minimum term either!


Free White Papers

Download a free whitepaper! "Calculating Margins", explains margins and how to improve them. "Calculating NPV" explains and demystifies Net Present Value.